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Alex M

Speaking of bees, a swarm of e-voting machines swooped in and stole a whole weekend from me in Miami. I could have been at the beach, but instead I was stuck watching people vote with no verification and then hearing election officials trumpet their success before votes had even been accounted for. It was a bad scene.

That being said, hope you're happy back home. I saw Pelosi's doc on the Dem candidates from this past election. It wasn't as good.


the bees were simply following the queen bee. Where ever she goes they go! I have seen this many times-there is a great big mass of bees hanging on a limb and all you see are flying bees and a humming sound. It's simply all of the worker bees following the queen bee!

I will be diving in Cozumel December 19-24 if you are interested!?

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