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Dominic White

That sounds awful, we'll have to have a 'New new year 2007' party for you when you get back.

Alan Levin

Warm wishes for a groovy year! keep practising...

Steve Foerster

Ah, but once you have that shiny happy home life with children you might well end up falling asleep before midnight even hits. Perhaps the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and all that?

Doll girl with the brilliant white grin

It may be best before settling down with a husband and 2.4 kids to lighten up and enjoy yourself a little more (perhaps dance?). Have you considered that to gain full attention from the fabulous people it takes more than a sparkly dress? Future party advice: Refrain from quaffing all the FREE expensive Champagne and Wodka on offer from the hosts, in order not to depress yourself and others around you :o)
PS. The apartment was not small

Steve Foerster

Doll Girl writes that to gain full attention from the fabulous people it takes more than a sparkly dress. The alternative theory is, of course, that it takes less.

Christine Halina

Hello heather, I am a very good friend of Eva Lutterbuese from your Berlin office and I happend to come across your New Year Story and shoot -- i really feel for you, i know exactly how you must have felt as a stranger with all the people who have seem to have swallowed a "hippness pill": well, I adore Berlin, but it's sometimes hard to talk to people immediatly but next time you are here, don't bother to simply step up to people and start talking, in general you won't get an unfriendly response. Berlin is: take what you want or leave it. Not meant for shy or introverted people which we always sometimes are... All the best to you in J'burg, Christine Halina

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